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With a background in filmmaking and science, I aim to bridge the gap between science and entertainment. I am currently a MSc.Climate Student at Wageningen University and Research and following extra classes in physics.

I was interested in both natural sciences and visual arts from an early age. After finishing high school, I had the feeling I had to choose between my two biggest passions and choose to attend the University for the Arts in Rotterdam to pursue a career as filmmaker. Soon, I realised that I can combine my two passions by means of communicating science. After graduating I gained experience in documentary making, social media, political campaigning (for green politics on European, national and local level) and public speaking. After working for two years, I decided to followed my other dream as well; to become a scientist. Having a background in natural sciences as well will strengthen my skills in sharing the beauty of science. Additionally, I realised that the climate subject is complex and diffused. To be able to communicate the topic, I study it in depth.

If my work might inspire just one person, then I feel like I've begun to make a difference.

Public appearances

European Development Days, Brussels 2018 - speaker

European Development Days, Brussels 2018- live interview for the European Commission

'Samsøe & Samsøe / IFFR next generaton of filmmakers', Rotterdam 2017 - screening

' Berlin Fashion Film Festival, Online Showroom 2017 - screening

' ASVOFF', Sofia 2017 - screening

Roma Web Fest, Rome 2016 - screening

Drempelprijs, Rotterdam 2016 - nomination



Laura Bergshoef

Milieu, Sterrenkunde, Wetenschapscommunicatie

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